Governance Documents

Below you will find links to the current statutory governance documents for Borrowdale Parish Council. If you have any questions please contact the Clerk. High Consequence Infectious Disease Policy – Adopted March 2020  Standing Orders Borrowdale Parish Council  – Reviewed May 2019 Financial Regulations Borrowdale Parish Council – Adopted Nov 2019 Terms of Reference Planning Committee Borrowdale– […]

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Finance Documents

You will find below the documents that relate to the financial management of Borrowdale Parish Council. If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact the clerk.

Borrowdale Parish Council Finance Documents 19-20

The below documents are unapproved & unaudited at this stage. The below documents will be approved by Borrowdale Parish Council at the earliest opportunity after the Covid-19 situation has improved.

Borrowdale Cashbook 19-20

Borrowdale Parish Council Accounts Year Ending 31st March 2020

Borrowdale Parish Council Bank Reconciliation 31st March 2020

Borrowdale Parish Council Explanation of Variances 19-20

Parish Council Asset Register 2019

Borrowdale Parish Council Finance Documents 18-19

Please note the 18-19 documents have been formally approved by Borrowdale Parish Council at their meeting held on the 8th May 2019.

As a local authority with a turnover of less than £25,000 Borrowdale Parish Council has certified inself as an exempt authority from external audit.

To view the Exemption Certificate please click below:

Borrowdale Certificate of Exemption

The period for public rights relating to Borrowdale Parish Council Year Ending 31st March 2019 commences as of the 17th June 2019

For further details on electors rights please view the below document:

Summary of Auditors Rights

To view the completed Annual Governance and Accountability Return please click below:

Borrowdale Completed AGAR

Borrowdale Cashbook 1819

Borrowdale Parish Council Bank Rec 1819

Borrowdale Parish Council 18-19 Statement of Accounts Borrowdale

Borrowdale Parish Council Variances 1819

Borrowdale Parish Council Finance Documents 17-18

Notice of Electors Rights Period Borrowdale Parish Council

Information on Electors Rights regarding Audit & Financial Document Review

Annual Governance and Accountability Return Borrowdale Y.E 31st March 2018 

Internal Audit Report Borrowdale 2018

Borrowdale Parish Council Cashbook 1718

17-18 Statement of Accounts Borrowdale Parish Council 1718

Borrowdale Parish Council Audit Bank Rec 1719

Borrowdale Parish Council Audit Variations 17-18 FINAL

Borrowdale Parish Council Finance documents 16-17

Notice of Conclusion of Audit Borrowdale 31st March 17

Notice of Electors Rights 16-17

BDO Audit Form (including statement of Governance, Accounts and Internal Audit) 16-17 (Please note that this document has not yet been approved by the External Auditor)- This has now been signed off by the External Auditor -Sept 17

Parish Council Asset Register 2017

Borrowdale Parish Council Variations 16-17 FINAL

Bank Rec End of Year 310317

16-17 Statement of Accounts Borrowdale

Borrowdale Cashbook 16-17

Borrowdale Parish Council Finance 15-16


Notice of Completion of Audit Borrowdale Yr End 31/3/2016

Borrowdale Parish Council BDO Audit Docs ye 310316

Borrowdale Parish Council Accounts 15_16

Borrowdale Cashbook 15_16

Borrowdale Parish Council Variations 15-16 FINAL

BDO Annual Return & Docs(2014-2015)

Completion of Annual Audit Notice 2015

14-15 Statement of Accounts Borrowdale

Variations 14-15 FINAL

Cashbook Borrowdale 14-15

Parish Council Asset Register 2016


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Council Minutes

Below you will find the approved formal minutes of Borrowdale Parish Council, minutes remain ‘draft’ until they are signed off by the Parish Council Chair person at the following meeting. Borrowdale PC 17th June 2020 Minutes Borrowdale PC 22nd January 2020 Minutes Borrowdale PC 27th November 2019 Minutes Borrowdale PC 25th September 2019 Minutes Borrowdale […]

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